Used Car Inspection

Mobile Mechanic Denver

Hi, I’m Denver’s Best Mobile Mechanic. It’s a bold claim…but I have over a decade of experience as a mechanic with ASE and A/C certification. One of the areas that I specialize in is the pre-purchase used car inspection for potential car buyers. There are different types of inspections that I can offer and the good news is that I will come to you on-site, which saves you time and money as you do not need go to an auto shop. Whatever type of used vehicle you need to buy, allow me to inspect it before making the final decision. 

I can assess all the parts of the vehicle that you may need. Using modern technologies, I will reveal all faults that the vehicle may have, and which the seller may be hiding. Even if the car looks good on the outside, you will need to be sure that the mechanical bit is perfect as well. Working with an expert mechanic is the only way that you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money. Used car inspections are necessary before you can pay for the car and I am ready to assist you with this. 

Contact me for professional pre-purchase used car inspection and mobile mechanic services. I have been serving the residents of Denver for a very long time. I am your trusted go-to auto technician and will help you make the right choice when purchasing a used car. 


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